hindi crossword puzzle वर्ग पहेली with question and answers. varg paheli in hindi with solution. Hundreds of hindi Dimag Ghuma De sudoku puzzle

Free Crossword puzzle online

Besides being great fun,crosswords are an excellent way to build vocabulary and improve spelling.

Free Sudoku puzzle online

every sudoku puzzle is made of rows,cols and 3x3 blocks. To solve a sudoku puzzle you must fill in the unknown squares so that every row, column and 3x3 block contains the number through 1 to 9 only once.

Free Crossnumber puzzle online

Crossnumber puzzles are very similar to crosswords. The only difference is the clues and answer are number

  1. The goal is to use the ACROSS or DOWN clues to complete the empty squares
  2. The first squares of each entry contains a number. This number corresponds to the number in the ACROSS or DOWN clues lists
  3. Use the partially completed squares to assit in solving other clues

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